Everyone has a story. We're two guys who enjoy building websites, designing logos and trying to play the guitar.

A Short Story

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We're a Web and Graphic Design duo from Edmonton, Alberta; a city where it snows in May. Using the web, a mouse, a pencil and a few ideas, we develop a wide range of media with a focus on creativity and honesty. Whether you're a small business, corporation or a next door neighbor, we hope we can help tell your story.

Our Services

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  • Website Design
  • Web Applications
  • Logo Design
  • Wordpress Development

How We Work

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We start every project by creating a plan. A finished plan comes from the time we spend getting to know you, your business and your story. By getting to know a project and its purpose from the start, this phase will save both sides time and will help ensure that we're all on the same page right from day one.


Once a plan has been developed, we use it to design a visual representation of what the finished product will look like. When designing a website, this generally includes creating various page layouts and mockups that will work to communicate the intended message in the most effective manner.


After a design has been approved, we begin to produce and develop it. In the case of a website, this is where static page layouts are turned into a functional and interactive website. Once a site is developed, we test it to ensure that it meets web standards and works on a variety of devices and platforms.


Even though your project has been designed, developed and has now launched, we're still here to help maintain it by tending to any questions you may have. We not only care about maintaining the work we produce but also hope that we can maintain a strong relationship with you as a client.

We're a dynamic duo. Kinda like Batman & Robin.

Josh Kyrzyk

Designer & Developer

I try to use design and creativity to solve problems and help generate a positive change. It's not just about making pretty things; I care about communicating in a way that is going to help someone or something achieve a purpose.

Ryan Priebe


Hello, my name is Ryan. I'm really passionate about web servers, PHP, Heineken and mountain biking.

When we're not fighting crime, we're building websites. Like this one.

Flow Artz

Web Design & Development

We're in the process of tackling this multi-phase web application that aims to strengthen the arts community. Phase one of the project was recently launched and helps provide an outline of what founder Brandon Tyson and the rest of the growing Flow Artz team plan to role out over the next year.

Launch Website
Flow Artz Website

What's your story?

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